Development of StopJetLag

The study of body clocks is known as Chronobiology, and StopJetLag has been developed utilizing the full spectrum of research in the field under the guidance of one of Chronobiology's preeminent scientists, Dr. Charles Ehret.

StopJetLag was developed jointly by Charles Ehret and Bill Ashton to take advantage of the powerful integration of personal profiles, flight schedules, and applied research in Chronobiology made available by an expert system computer program.

Dr. Charles Ehret

Argonne National Laboratory, Division of Biological and Medical Research 1948 to 1988 when he retired; Director of Circadian Rhythms and Neurobiological Chronobiology.

International Society for Chronobiology, member since early 50's, served as Vice President.

Editor of 'Chronobiotechnology and Chronobiological Engineering'.

Bill Ashton

Studied under Dr. Ehret for 20 years while jointly integrating the most advanced research in body clock resetting into StopJetLag.

Experienced in Group Travel - Worldwide Tour Manager for the Al Stewart Band (1976-1980).

Charles Ehret and I spent several years implementing StopJetLag to incorporate his knowledge of body clock research to determine the best possible jet lag avoidance method given the specific complexities of your individual flight schedules.