What You Get

What You Get With Your StopJetLag Plan

Trip Recommendations

Trip recommendations concerning jet lag with the interaction between flight times and core sleep issues analyzed by an expert.

Reviewed by a jet lag specialist

A StopJetLag specialist in the interaction of your regular sleep patterns, the time change legs on your trip and the all of your flights (including connections) will create and review the jet lag advice you deserve for your trip.

Additional Trip Notes

The recommendations in a StopJetLag Plan are based on the integration of your specific flight times, your personal profile and the proven times that scientific research has shown to be most effective in assisting you to rapidly adjust to the time shift required by your destination.

We feel that it is important that your StopJetLag recommendations should reflect the ideal timing for the major influences on your body clock.

However on certain trips, a few additional trip notes will be sent to you to reflect some of the places where you may need to bend the recommendations slightly to accommodate the specifics of your trip.

Emailed StopJetLag Plan PDF

Your reviewed StopJetLag Plan is delivered to you as a PDF document sent via email.

Jet lag advice at your fingertips

Your StopJetLag advice can also be delivered to your mobile device so that your jet lag advice is conveniently available at your fingertips during your trip.

Plan cover pages

The StopJetLag Plan cover pages will give you an overview of how and why the StopJetLag Plan works so well and Sample Meals and Relative Food Values to help you follow your Plan.

Included in your cover pages are discussions on:

  • What jet lag is
  • What StopJetLag does about jet lag
  • The effects of Bright and Dim Lighting Levels
  • The influence of Rest/Sleep and Activity Levels
  • The effects of Meal food types and quantities
  • The effect of Caffeine and the sometimes counter-intuitive times to drink it
  • The dosage recommendations for Melatonin Supplements
  • General Travel Tips
  • Sample Meals with calorie, protein and carbohydrate levels