Jet Lag and
Sleep Timing

Reset Your Body Clock with Optimized Rest/Sleep and Activity Patterns

One of the most important objectives of StopJetLag is to help you avoid sleep deprivation which is often a result of jet lag and compounds the problem. The program determines the best transition schedule to ensure 'core sleep' periods during your trip. By following the recommendations for both rest and activity periods, you will find it much easier to sleep on an appropriate schedule upon arriving at your destination.

Only your StopJetLag Plan deals with flight complexities relative to your sleep patterns

Exact flight times and connections are important to avoiding jet lag. Other methods give you a recommendation based only on the flight day, without considering the flight times. In contrast, StopJetLag considers your flight times and the point at which they occur during your daily cycle. This can make a profound difference in the proper handling of your body clock adjustment.

More on how exact flight times interact with your rest/sleep patterns...

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